Chat History Forwarding

You can send the chat history of all your conversations to an email address of your choice from the Live Support page. To do so, navigate to the Live Support page from the left menu and select the envelope icon located at the top. Fill out the details in the popup that will appear and send your email.

Email Address: You can add multiple recipients in this field. After entering multiple email addresses, don't forget to add a comma between them and press enter. If you do not do this, the system will not recognize the email addresses you entered for the recipients.

Subject: The subject of your email.

Description: The body of the email is where you can add your comments to the recipients.

Attach File: You can attach a file to your email if needed. Learn about the file formats that are supported by clicking here.

Send All Chat History: If you check this option, your entire conversation history will be forwarded to your recipients. If you leave this option unchecked, you will only send one email to the recipients.

Add All Attachments to the Email: If you check this option, all attachments received and sent during live support will be included in the email.

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