WhatsApp Channel Integration

The Desk360 platform allows you to turn your one-to-one conversations over WhatsApp into tickets and check their metrics.

With WhatsApp Business integration, multiple agents can greet incoming customer messages to the WhatsApp line via Live Support page in the Desk360 platform.

WhatsApp Business API access is required for WhatsApp integration in the Desk360 platform. Businesses have go through an approval procedure to access the WhatsApp Business API. To learn more about WABA prerequisites, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to integrate WhatsApp Business API?

Within one to two days, you can begin utilizing the WhatsApp API if your Facebook account has been verified. However, Facebook's approval process must be followed in full for your Facebook account to be verified, which could take two to three weeks. This timeframe could vary depending on the circumstances.

Is it possible to upgrade my current WhatsApp Business number to API?

Your current regular WhatsApp consumer or business numbers can be upgraded to the WhatsApp Business API. Having the Facebook Business Manager ID information is sufficient for this.

Can I add more than one number?

You can add up to 25 numbers to a single Facebook Business account. Each number incurs a separate fee.

Is it possible to convert the WhatsApp number I use the API for back to the business account?

You cannot downgrade your number to a consumer or business account once you have connected it with the WhatsApp Business API. It is possible to update phone numbers to the API, but not the other way around.

Can I create custom chatbots for WhatsApp channel?

Yes, bot paths can be added to your WhatsApp API number. For further information, see the Custom Bots page.

Can I create groups with the WhatsApp API?

No, WhatsApp accounts connected to the API cannot be utilized to create groups.

Can I make WhatsApp calls using API?

No, making calls using WhatsApp accounts linked to the API is not possible.

Will the API integration also migrate my chat history?

With WhatsApp API integration, you won't be able to access your previous conversations. You’ll need to back up your chat history for the line you want to upgrade to the WhatsApp API. In addition to this, you won’t be able to restore the backup manually to your Desk360 dashboard.

Will my WhatsApp profile be verified upon integration?

No, we’ll need to initiate a request on your behalf on WhatsApp to verify your number if you want to use a line with a verified profile. Obtaining approval may take several weeks.

Can I see the profile pictures and phone numbers of those who send messages to my company on WhatsApp?

You can see the phone numbers of your customers who message you on WhatsApp on the Live Support page. However, you are unable to view profile pictures due to WhatsApp policies.

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