Instagram Channel Integration

You can turn your customer comments and Direct Messages on your brand's Instagram posts into support requests in your Desk360 inbox by linking your Instagram business account with the Desk360 platform. To do this, simply follow Product & Channels > Choose Product > Instagram > Connect Your Instagram Business Account and and link your Instagram Business Account by signing into your account.

All interactions on your Instagram account are reported by META to Desk360. All interactions such as comments on posts, mentions etc. turn into a ticket on the Tickets tab. You can follow your customer messages sent via Direct Messages in the Live Support tab and instantly chat with your customers.

You can link more than one Instagram account for each product you have in Desk360 if the integrations are done using different Facebook accounts.

To connect your Instagram account to Desk360, follow these steps:

1. The Instagram account you’re linking must be set up as a business account. If you are already using it as a business account, you can skip this step and proceed to the third step; however, if you are currently using it as a personal Instagram account, you must convert it to a business account first.

2. To switch to a professional account, open the Instagram mobile app and navigate to Profile > Settings > Account > Switch to Professional Account. Select the category and type of your business from the Get a Free Professional Account page, then fill out the business details.

3. After you complete these steps, you need to link your Instagram business account to your Facebook account. To do this, simply log into your Facebook account and select the page you wish to link.

4. Go to and log in to your Facebook account. Navigate to the settings of the Facebook page to which you've linked your Instagram account. Then, select Instagram from the left-hand side menu and click the Connect Account button.

5. After granting access to Instagram messages in your Inbox, log in to your Instagram account from the next screen.

6. Find your Business Contact Information on the Instagram settings page, select the Sync Information button, then save and sync. Changes you make to your Facebook public contact information will reflect on your Instagram page as well.

7. You are ready to link your Desk360 account to your Instagram profiles at this stage. To do this, log into the Desk360 panel and navigate to Products and Channels > Product Selection, find the Instagram tab, and select Connect Instagram Business Account. Continue with the Instagram page you wish to link. Complete the integration by selecting the Facebook page you've linked to your Instagram account on the next screen.

8. Finally, for the Handover Protocol, log in to your Facebook account once more. Navigate to the Advanced Messaging of your Facebook page settings and configure the Instagram receiver option under the Handover Protocol. For the handover protocol, set the master receiver to Desk360 and set the primary receiver to Desk360.

All comments that you receive on your Instagram account will automatically appear on the Support Requests page after you've completed these steps. Do you need additional assistance? Please don’t hesitate to send an email to

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