Instagram Channel Integration

By integrating your organization's Instagram account with the Desk360 platform, you can ensure that the customer comments received on your brand's Instagram account are turned into tickets in your Desk360 inbox. You can integrate your Instagram Business account into the Desk360 platform by following these steps: Product and Channels > choose a product > Instagram> Connect Your Instagram Business Account and log into your account from the page you will be directed to.

We’re having discussions with Instagram about the management of Instagram messages through the panel, and if they decide to provide API support, this integration will be available as soon as possible.

You can follow these steps to integrate your Instagram account with Desk360:

  1. To be able to do the integration, your Instagram account must be a business account. You can skip this step if you are already using your account as a business account. If you have a personal Instagram account, you should switch to a business account. To do this, go to Profile Settings click Switch to Business Account. You will be asked to create a Facebook page and link the page you opened with your Instagram account. After completing these steps, your account will turn into a business account.

  2. Login your account you used in step 1 to Facebook.

  3. Finally, go to the Product and Channels tab on Desk360, select the product you want to integrate and go to the Instagram tab. Click Connect Your Instagram Business Account, select the Instagram page you want to link from the screen that appears and proceed. On the next screen, complete the integration process by selecting the Facebook page you linked to your Instagram account.