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Automatic Replies

The automatic replies feature allows you to send your pre-defined responses to your customers automatically. With this feature, you can ensure fast responses to questions coming from your customers without the assistance of agents, using your custom pre-defined responses for the questions you commonly encounter.
Only ticket channels are available for auto-replies. You can find more information about the channels in detail on the Product and Communication Channels Integrations page to deliver auto-replies to conversations originating from live support channels.
To get started with the auto-reply feature, go to Settings > Auto Replies > + Add Auto Reply and add your pre-defined responses to the platform.
To create an auto-reply, follow these steps:
  • Select the product you wish to use the Auto-Replies features with.
  • Select a communication channel.
  • Enter the content of the automated response you'll be sending.
  • After entering your responses, select Save.
For different communication channels, you can create different auto-replies. The auto-reply feature has several functions depending on which channel you select. You can utilize this feature for many other purposes. For instance, if you want to send auto-replies to your customers who contact you by e-mail, simply select the e-mail channel.
Your clients will receive the auto-reply you've added to the platform the moment they open a ticket. Tickets that have auto-replies enabled are updated under the tickets reason as Automatic Replies.
If a customer sends the same message more than once, the Automatic Replies feature will be disabled, and the tickets will be reopened and queued to be answered by an agent.