Automatic Replies

The Automatic Replies feature allows you to automatically send predefined responses to your customers.

With the answers you will create specifically for your frequently encountered questions, you can quickly return to your customers without the intervention of any user.

To use the automatic reply feature, you can add the answer you want to the platform by following: Settings > Auto Replies > + Add Auto Reply

To create an automatic reply:

  • select the product

  • choose a communication channel

  • enter text in the automatic response that you will create

  • and after completing the necessary steps, click Save.

Your customers will receive the automatic response you added to the platform 10 minutes after they created a ticket. Tickets with active automatic replies activated are updated to the resolved status with the Automatic Replies feature.

If your customers send a message on the same ticket more than once, the Automatic Replies feature will be disabled and the ticket will wait in the pool with the Reopened status to be answered by a user.