Callback Function

The Callback Function is a feature that allows users to make queries and get detailed information directly on the Desk360 platform. According to the defined callback function variables, users can access all information about the customer or trigger an action on the platform with one click.

When creating callback functions, simply send the specified URL and variables, as well as the values corresponding to these variables, to trigger operations with just one click.

To create a callback function, login to the Desk360 platform and follow the steps: Settings > Callback > + Add Callback Function

In order to create a callback function, you must enter the following values:

  • Product information to define the callback

  • Name information for callback

  • Description information for callback

  • Callback result screen selection (can be displayed via popup or new window)

  • Callback URL information

  • Information about where the callback function will be located in the Tickets tab (on the ticket opening screen, on the ticket detail screen)

  • Variables and values to be used in the callback function

You can request support from our technical team while adding variables for the callback function.

You can visit Actions for an example of using the callback function defined for tickets.

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