Email Channel Integration

On the Desk360 panel, you can follow up on your customer requests that reach out to you directly via your email address. To enable this, activate the email channel by navigating to Product and Channels > Edit Channels > Email. There are two ways to manage all customer emails in this channel.

1. Desk360 email server

When you add your product to Desk360 and enable the email channel, Desk360 creates an email address for your specific product, like [email protected]. You can view this address under the Desk360 Email Server list and opt to use it as the default email address for support requests. If you’re using more than one email for support, you can forward them to the address created by Desk360 and use it to manage all incoming messages. To integrate your own email address, just enter your DNS settings to your email server after entering the current address in the Your Own Email field.

2. Your own email server

If you wish, you can send and receive emails via Desk360 using your own email servers. To do this, just click on the Your Own Email Server tab and enter the necessary SMTP settings.

If you need to use your own server or a third-party email provider such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yandex, you can make use of this option to create and respond to support requests.


If you encounter any issues while linking your email provider or your own server, please go through the above troubleshooting steps first. If the third-party providers’ solutions don’t work, please feel free to contact us.

Email Template

To reply to your customers via email, first you need to prepare a template by clicking Email Template under Products and Channel > choose a product > Email. You can view the message content you will send to the customers from the Preview screen on the right side of the screen and you can easily finalize your edits. Here is the list of headings that will appear on the Customize your template screen:



Email Subject

Subject for the email to be sent.

Email Title

Title of the email text.

Email Content

Description about email content.

Bottom Note

Notes for the user at the end of the email page.

Website URL

The web site URL of your product.

App Store URL

The URL of the App Store page for your product.

Google Play Store URL

The URL of the Google Play Store page for your product.

Terms URL

User Agreement URL of your product. On the preview screen, you can check if the URL has been added by clicking this link.

Privacy URL

Privacy Agreement URL of your product. On the preview screen, you can check if the URL has been added by clicking this link.

Show Header Image

Determine whether the image shown in the preview is included in the email content or not.

Click Save to save your changes and create your email template.