General Settings

Under this heading, you can edit the overview of the FAQ and Contact Us pages. Detailed explanations about subheadings can be examined below.


You can set the language options for your FAQ page here. The page you prepared is displayed according to the browser language. The Desk360 platform offers access to a total of 40 different languages. If you are using a language not included in this list, you can choose a language in which you want the page to appear by default. You can make this selection from Languages > Default Language. You can add other language choices from Other Languages. You can delete the languages you have selected by clicking the bin icon.

Main Settings

Under this heading, there are subheadings of some edits that can be made throughout the page:



Select Main Font

You can try the font of the texts one by one from the tabs and continue with a font suitable for your page.

Main Background Color

You can set the page background color here.


You can perform operations such as

  • Content

  • Coloring

  • Alignment

of the headings on the page from this section. With Title Alignment you can choose one of the options for aligning titles (left, center and right).

There are different text entry fields for each title and ready-to-enter texts for the supported languages on the page opened with the Ready Texts button. You can colorize from the color palette just below each text box and specify the font size from the selection box.

You can edit the search button on the page in this section. After specifying the translation text and font color in the Titles section, you can go to the Search Bar section and clarify the details such as the button type and background coloring.



Search Bar Border Color

The border color of the search button.

Search Bar Background Color

The interior of the button.

Search Bar Radius

The ovalness of the button's edges.

Search Bar Shadow

The shading of the the button's background.

Search Bar Icon

The visibility of the search icon. If you want the icon to appear, you can color it through the color palette.

Edit Category Style

You can share the topics that your customers want to get information from in this section under a few main headings. You can determine which topics to present as content specifically for your product. You can make the visual editing processes of the categories under this title, and edit the text content in the FAQ step.



Category Background Color

The background color of the category boxes.

Category Border Color

Border colors of the boxes.

Category Shadow

The shading status of the boxes.

Category Radius

The ovality of the edges.

Show Icon

An icon displayed next to the titles specific to each category. Category-specific icon selection is made in the FAQ step.

Icon Color

The coloring of the selected icon.

Title Color

The color of the category titles

Description Color

The text color of the description texts to be entered for each category.

Title Text Font Size

The font size for the title.

Description Text Font Size

The font size of the description.

Show Categories

Determine the visibility status of the categories.

Edit Question Style

Visual arrangements for the FAQ section are made under this heading.



Background Color

The background color of the question buttons.

Border Color

Border color of question buttons.

Question Color

Font color for other questions.

Question Color (Active, Hover)

The text color for the question whose details are read actively or emphasized with the mouse by clicking on it.

Question Font Size

The font size of the questions.

Answer Color

The text color of the answer texts.

Answer Font Size

The font size of the answer texts.

List Layout

3 different options are given for the display type of the listed questions and answers.

Only questions appear when the screen is first opened. To see the answers, click on the relevant question button. When this option is active, the List Icon tab opens. In this area, you can specify the icon type you want to appear on the edge of the question buttons. The reason for using the icon is to indicate that the users can view the answers in detail by clicking the buttons.

All questions and answers can be displayed in detail on the screen at once while in the list state.

All questions and answers are arranged as boxes on the screen, forming two columns on the screen.

List Icon

In order to see the answer texts of the questions in the list, you must click the button with the questions. The icons to take place on these buttons are determined here. You can use any of the three different options below:


The range of the oval edges of the question boxes.

Hover Effect

In case of hovering over the questions with the mouse while Hover Effect is active, the question colors will be seen in the Question Color (Active, Hover) color specified above.


There are two text entry fields under this heading. One is used as category boxes and the other is used as a button at the end of the page that directs the customer to the page where the customer can submit a ticket.

After briefly explaining the categories, it may be necessary to redirect to a different page where detailed information is provided. In this case, for example, it is useful to add a button labeled More Details that will appear under the description text in the category boxes.

You can direct customers to the detail page of the relevant category with the More Details button.

You can make text and visual arrangements of these two types of buttons under the Button heading.




The entries of the texts to be placed in the two buttons. Ready-made texts can also be selected from Ready Texts.

Button Background Color

The background color of the button.

Button Border Color

The border color of the button.

Button Text Color

The text color of the text to be placed on the button.

Title Text Font Size

The font size of the button text.

Contact Us

This field is for the customers who cannot find the answer he/she is looking for in FAQ can send you a message about the subject he/she wishes to report. The title of the texts to be included here was previously determined in the Titles field. You can define the short description text you want to appear under the title from the text entry field in the Contact Us section, and you can make visual arrangements from the color palette and font size input tab in this field. You can also add agent profiles of your support team on the Contact Us button and provide visual support to your page. Here are subheadings of some edits that can be made throughout this section:



Background Color

Background coloring of the Contact Us section.

Profile Text Color

Text color of profile names.

Profile Font Size

Font size of profile names.

Show Profile

Profiles added to add visuality can be switched to active/passive status with this button. In cases where it is not desired to add a profile to the page, it can be switched to passive status.


The oval shape of the box of the Contact Us section.

Profile 1

In cases where profiles are requested to be displayed on the page, visual and name entries of the profile can be made from this field. Without the need for downloading to add images, the process can be completed by pasting the photo URL directly here. Multiple profiles can be added by clicking Add People, profiles can be removed with the bin icon.

If you add a WhatsApp option, you will also need to enter WhatsApp number information on the page.

After completing the content entries, you can save and proceed to the next step, the FAQ settings screen, where you can edit the contents.

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