Human Agent Functionality

Facebook API's Human Agent functionality allows you to respond to customer messages with a live customer representative for 7 days. You can utilize this feature to respond to Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages.

Customers might experience issues that cannot be resolved during a regular chat, need more than 24 hours to resolve, or your company might not be able to provide customer support on weekends and public holidays. In such circumstances, this feature gives you 7 days to respond to your customer messages.

You can also manually move all Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM conversations that are tagged as resolved on Desk360's Live Support page back to active chats for 7 days, and send messages to your customers without waiting for them to get back to you.

To reactivate an archived conversation and continue as an active chat, select the move button located above the conversations. Once your status is online, you can restart conversations by sending a new message to your customers.

This feature is also available for messages received from the WhatsApp channel, although it is restricted to 24 hours. When a user initiates a WhatsApp conversation with you, you can continue the conversation for 24 hours after the user's last message.

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