Live Chat Channel

Live Chat integration allows you to support your customers who send messages via the chat plugin that you will position on your website.

After successfully integrating the Live Chat plug-in to your website, you can manage the messages that all your customers who visit your page will send you from Desk360's Live Support page. You can answer their questions instantly, and if you want, you can turn these chats into tickets and reply to your customers later.

With this integration, you can add the power of live chat to your product management and create an instant communication line between your agents and customers.

What does Live Chat integration do?

  • Thanks to the live chat bubble that you will integrate into your website, you can make real-time conversations with your customers, so that you can measure the benefits of a synchronous communication model.

  • You can access all the information about your customers you provide live support from the General Information section in the Live Support tab.

  • If necessary, you can streamline your live chat tracking process by also creating tickets from chat interactions.

How does Live Chat integration work?

  • Live Chat integration is included in all Desk360 plans.

  • You can start the integration process by following the steps: Product and Channels > Edit channels > Live Chat. To complete the Live Chat integration, you need to copy and paste the code in the fields shown into your website's own system. For this, you have to create a chat module by clicking Create Chat Module.

  • You can decide on the look and feel of the live chat plugin on your website and customize its colors in your brand image. Click on the Customize button on the same page to start customizing your widget.

  • In case there are no available customer representatives to provide online support on the live chat channel, you can create a chatbot in the language you’d like to use to provide support to your customers outside working hours. To do this, click the Create Integration button or go to Settings > Chatbot Integrations > Add Integration. Click here for more information on Chatbots.

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