Import Data

Have you been using Zendesk before? After switching to Desk360, you can use the Import Data feature to avoid having to manage some of your tickets on Zendesk and the other ones on Desk360, and you can export all your tickets on the Zendesk platform and transfer them to Desk360 collectively.

To use this feature on the Desk360 platform, follow these steps: Settings > Import Data

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First you need to export your Zendesk data.

  2. Click Import Data and enter your Subdomain, Email/Username, API Key and click Import.

  3. Thanks to the process section at the bottom of this screen, you can follow the entire process of your import process.

  4. From this screen, you can view how many tickets were successfully transferred and how many failed.

  5. After your transaction is completed successfully, you will be directed to the Tickets screen with the Go to Tickets button and you can view all the tickets you have imported there.

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