You can define your Desk360 account for any project you want in JIRA and ensure that tickets from your customers fall into any list of your choice.

How do I integrate?

To complete the JIRA and Desk360 integration, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Settings tab on the menu.

  2. Click Integrations under the Account Settings heading.

  3. As the first step in the integration process, you need to choose which application you will make JIRA integration for.

  4. Click + Add Integration, then click Add JIRA.

  5. Select a product you want to integrate and then click Start Integration.

  6. After choosing the product, enter a Workspace Name, Email Address and Token under the Authorization heading.

Click click here to get access token to access token information. If there is no API Token created earlier on the drop-down page, you can create one immediately by clicking Create API Token. After clicking Create API Token, the token information will appear automatically if you click Create after entering the desired field on the page that will open.

7. After filling in the required information, you should verify your account by clicking Verify the Account. 8. Finally, by choosing which channels you want to define the tickets for, change the integration status actively and complete your JIRA integration by clicking Save.

A product can be integrated into more than one project in JIRA, but the ticket channel selected for a product cannot be redefined to different projects in JIRA.

Integrations can be edited or deleted at any time.

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