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Creating a Ticket
You can manually create tickets for customer messages from the Tickets tab. In this way, you can assign tickets that you create to the desired team for review, or send your customers an email related to the process by responding directly to them yourself. You can quickly create your ticket by filling in the following information:
The name of the product where the ticket will be.
Subject of the ticket.
Solution status of the ticket.
Name and surname of the customer.
Contact details of the customer.
Detailed explanation of the ticket.
Assign to
Name of the agent who will resolve the ticket.
The field where the agent can view the information of the relevant customer (see Actions).

Ticket Templates

You can save custom templates for tickets you've created manually for your customers and use them to create new tickets without having to open them again on the same issues. For example, if a customer wants to inquire about the status of an order, you can save the "Order Status" template and reuse it without having to fill out all of the fields again for subsequent tickets relating to the same subject.
To utilize the ticket templates, navigate to the ticket creation screen by selecting the Plus button in the upper right corner of the Tickets page. When you select the lightning bolt icon on the right side of the form, you’ll see a listing field where you can view the previous templates you’ve saved. If you don’t have a template yet, or if you wish to create a new request template in addition to the current ones, enter a new template name in the search area and select the save button. Fill in all fields except the customer's name and email address. As a result, when creating a support request using the same template, you have fields like description, priority, and assignment rules appear automatically, so your customer representatives save time by only having to enter the customer name and email address.
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