Automatic Assignments

Tickets fall on the Desk360 platform as not assigned to users by default. By using the Automatic Assignments feature, you can ensure that your incoming tickets are directly assigned to the relevant user according to the communication channel and ticket language.

You can use the automatic assignments feature to determine which user will be responsible for which channel. In addition, by making language-based assignments, you can assign people or teams according to tickets in different languages.

To create an automatic assignment rule, you can follow: Settings > Auto Assigns > + Add Auto Assign

To perform automatic assignment for tickets, you must make the following selections:

  • Product

  • Language

  • Channel

  • Agent

  • Status

You can list all assignment rules you have created on the Auto Assigns page. With the Manage action (pencil icon), you can update the assignments and change their status as active or passive.

Assignment rules that are passively changed will not work.

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