Google Play Store Channel Integration

You can use the Desk360 platform to manage Google Play Store comments on your application. For integration, you need to obtain the API access file in JSON format.

For integration processes, you can access the API access file on your application's Google Developer Console page. For API access, simply grant Reply to reviews permission.

Learn how to simply grant reply to reviews permission to the API access file by clicking this link.

For integration:

You can complete the integration process quickly by following the steps:

  1. Go to Product and Channels > choose a product > Google Play Store.

  2. Enter your app's name and click Search.

  3. Select your application from the results and click Add.

  4. Upload the API access file you downloaded from the Google Play Console to this page in JSON format to integrate.

  5. In the Google Package Name field, you must enter the package name of your application defined in the Google Play Store.

You can view more detailed information about Google Package Name by clicking this link.

For getting the API access file in JSON format:

1. Log into your Google Play Console account and navigate to the API Access menu.

2. In the Service Accounts section, select Create New Service Account.

3. Select the Google Cloud Platform link.

4. In the top menu, select Create Service Account.

5. Give a name to your Service Account Details. This name can be anything, so for demonstration purposes, we’ll call it “Desk360”.

6. Now define the authorization for this account. The authorization type must be "Viewer".

7. After you've defined the authorization, select the Done button at the bottom of the previous page. You will be redirected to a new page.

8. On the new page, click the options icon next to the Service Account you just created.

9. Select Manage Keys.

10. Click the Add Key button and select Create new key.

11. Select the JSON option and click the Create button.

12. Your JSON file will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Now return to the Done tab, as shown in the image below.

13. The new Service Account will now be listed. In this menu, select the Grant Access option.

14. Select the Add App button in the Add Permission tab. Select your App and click Done.

15. On the same page, select the Account Permissions tab and check the Reply to reviews box.

16. Select Invite User.

17. Lastly, select the Send Invite button in the pop-up window.

After the required fields are filled in, your integration process will be completed.

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