Apple App Store Channel Integration

You can convert customer comments made for your app in the Apple Store to a ticket on the Desk360 platform. You will have the opportunity to quickly reply to comments made, as well as to analyze customer messages by categorizing them according to their topics.

For the integration, you must enter the customer information of an account that has access to your app's App Store Connect panel. The Desk360 platform only needs an App Store Connect account that is authorized to reply to messages. You can also complete the integration by creating an account authorized with Reply to Reviews.

For more information about Reply to Reviews, click this link.

You can complete the integration process quickly by following the steps:

  1. Go to Product and Channels > choose a product > App Store.

  2. Search by typing the name of your product in the search bar on the page.

  3. Select your application from the results and click Add.

  4. Enter the Apple ID and password of your application and complete the process by clicking Save. You can now manage all feedback from the App Store in the Tickets tab.

Optionally, you can create an account in the App Store that is limited to Reply to Comments and complete the integration with this account.

If you want to use a different IP address for your product after the integration process is completed, you can return to the App Store channel page by specifying a special proxy address for your application from Settings > Proxy and save the settings by selecting the relevant address from the Proxy box. For IP solutions specific to your organization, you can contact us by sending an email to

Two-Step Verification

To authenticate your App Store Connect account in two steps, follow the steps:

  1. Two-step verification should be available.

  2. You must verify your account using the phone number associated with your App Store Connect account.

  3. To receive a verification message, simply click Verify under Product and Channels > choose a product > App Store > Two-factor Authentication.

  4. You can complete verification by entering the incoming message in the field on the screen.

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