Custom Chatbots

You can create different bot paths specific to the channels you offer using Desk360's Custom Chatbots feature to enable your customers to get answers to all of their questions via bots. Adding a Connect to a customer representative action to your bot paths will allow your consumers to contact a human representative whenever they need it. To create bot paths, navigate to Settings > Custom Chatbots. Here you can view, edit, and delete the bots you've previously created from the list. You can create a new bot by selecting the Create New Bot button.

Create Paths

  • Overview

To create a new bot, click the Create New Bot button in the upper right corner of the page that displays the bot list. Give your bot a name on the next page. We will name the bot Desk360 here for demonstration purposes. Choose the product you want to utilize your bot for after you've named it. Once you choose a product, you'll need to choose a channel and a default language. Then, select the time period in which you want to run the bot from the working hours field at the bottom of the page. After you've completed these steps, click the Continue button to begin adding paths to your bot. You need to activate the status bar at the top right of the page to make the new bot ready to use.

Business Hours

You can utilize the Custom Chatbots to enable different bot paths to be active on different days and time zones. You can do so by selecting one of the three options available in the Business Hours field.

If you select the Enable 24/7 option, your bot path will be enabled at all hours of the day and night. In short, no matter what day or hour your consumers contact you, they will interact with the same chatbot path.

If you select the Working Hours option, your bot configuration will be enabled according to the working hours you previously defined. You can set your working hours by navigating to Settings > General Settings > Business Hours. Then, when you get to the Custom Chatbots settings, select the Working Hours option to allow your bot to function during the hours you specify.

You can build a custom day and time setup using the Customize option. If you only choose "Add Day" your bot path will be active for 24 hours for the days you specified.

The "Add Hour" option allows you to choose the times of day when the bot path will be active.

You can create multiple bots for each channel. However, you can only have one active bot path for a communication channel during the same hours.

When you click the Continue button, the section at the bottom of the page becomes active, allowing you to add a path to your bot. By default, the "Welcome" path is displayed. You can change the name of this path by selecting the three-dot icon from the menu on the left and clicking Edit.

You can enter multiple texts for the paths you add. Enter your path texts in the text field on the right and click the green tick icon in the box. You can discard the message by clicking the trash button in the box.

You can use the Custom Chatbots feature in 40 languages with Desk360's global support. By clicking the Translations button under the text field, you can type your messages for the language you wish in the window that opens. After you've finished adding your translations, click the Save button at the bottom of the list.

To add a second text field, you must first enter some text and save the first text field; otherwise, the Add button will be greyed out.

If you start a conversation in a language for which you haven't entered a translation yet, your clients will be greeted with the Default Language you selected in the general information stage. Click here to see the 40 languages Desk360 supports.

You can continue to progress your bot in two ways after entering your messages: Reply Buttons or Follow-up Actions. The Reply Buttons action can only be used to continue the first path which is the welcome path. Following the first path, you can utilize both the reply buttons and the follow-up actions for any subsequent paths.

Reply Buttons

Now, let's add reply buttons to our initial Desk360 bot path: We will add the following buttons to our bot: Features, Plans, and Contact Us. Your customers will see these buttons through the channel through which they contact you and will be able to choose the option relevant to them. You can control what kind of flow your clients will encounter after they make their choices with the paths you assign to these buttons on the right. To add a new path to the buttons, click the Add Path button in the Select Path box.

You can use the reply buttons to create different answers for your bot and direct your consumers to the relevant topics. You can utilize follow-up actions to connect your customers to an agent, tag the conversation, or end the chat and lead the user to the survey.

When you save a button by pressing the green check on the right while creating it, that button will appear first along the path.

You can continue to offer your customers in different languages by customizing your buttons in 40 languages, and you can also use the drag and drop icon to modify the placement of your buttons.

Follow-up Actions

Follow-up actions allow for two possible actions: Assign to & Tag Conversations or Close & Direct to Survey.

You can assign your customers to support staff based on the topics they select or at random using the Assign To & Tag Conversation action. You can also label assigned conversations based on the paths you select. These tags can be found on your live help page under the general information section.

You can only utilize the assignment action of the Assign To & Tag Conversation function in the current version. You will be able to add tags to your chats in future versions.

When your customers reach the end of the bot path, the bot stops, or the client is taken to the survey using the Close & Direct to Survey action.

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