Web Contact Us Channel

Contact Us Web Channel integration provides a support page and personalized FAQ pages so that your customers can contact you through your website.

The Desk360 platform offers two different Web Contact Us Channel integrations:

  • Standard ticket form page

  • Personalized FAQ page

The Desk360 platform enables the integration of a Contact Us form and FAQ page for customers who want to submit their requests and complaints via the website.

What does Web Contact Us integration do?

  • With the Desk360 Web Contact Us integration, you can add a request form page to your product's website where your customers can contact you. You can choose the field you want to add to the request form, decide which information you will receive from your customers, and add visuals to HTML.

  • This way, your customers can communicate with you directly through your website. You can easily manage all these requests by collecting them in your Desk360 inbox.

  • Thanks to the Desk360 FAQ feature, you can:

    • prepare the most suitable FAQ pages for your product.

    • decide on its design and colors, choose the most suitable icons for the titles from the icon set and easily integrate them into your website.

  • With the FAQ pages, you can simply prepare a self-service user manual for your customers. This way, they can also refer directly to these pages without having to contact you and solve the problems they are looking for answers to.

You can do all this directly from the Desk360 panel without writing a single line of code.

How does Web Contact Us integration work?

  • Web Contact Us integration is included in all Desk360 plans.

  • You can easily integrate the standard ticket form page into your website. All you have to do is follow the steps: Product and Channels > Edit channels > Web Contact Us to copy the snippet code under the Web Contact Us Form and paste it into your own systems.

  • After completing the integration process of the standard form page, all customer messages received through this form will turn into a ticket in the Desk360 panel, and each customer message you reply to will be forwarded to your customers via email.

▪️For more detailed information about Web Contact Us form integration, please visit the page:

pageWeb Contact Us Form
  • You can edit the designs of personalized FAQ pages as you like and integrate them into your website. To do this, you can follow the steps: Product and Channels > Edit channels > Web Contact Us , tick Advanced Settings for FAQ and Contact Us Pages and click Customize FAQ Page.

  • You can apply all the settings and customizations you make from the page that opens to your website with the snippet code. In this way, you can set up a system where your customers can find answers to all their questions without contacting you.

▪️For more detailed information about personalized FAQ pages, please visit:

pageFAQ and Contact Us Page Settings

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