Ticket Types

The forms in the communication channels that you integrate into the Desk360 platform contain tags that you can mark on which subject customer tickets are relevant. When requesting support, your customers can choose the subject of the message by choosing one of these tags. So, by looking at the analysis of these labels, you can easily determine what request you receive the most from your customers.

There are 5 different ticket types that are automatically defined in the Desk360 platform. These ticket types are as follows:

  • Subscription

  • Features

  • Report a problem

  • Comment/Suggestion

  • Other

The current request types above have professional translations in 40 languages supported by the Desk360 platform.

Desk360 platform users can add new ticket types depending on the product content, create a product-specific ticket, and manage the arrangement of ticket types on the platform on a channel basis.

For mobile SDK ticket type edits, you can follow: Product and Channels > "select a product" > App Message Box > Customize Message Box> Create Screen.

  1. You can view the standard defined ticket types on the form screen.

  2. Apart from the available titles, click + Add Item to create an optional ticket type.

  3. On the opened screen, you can name the ticket type you want to create, and add translations in 40 different languages if you want.

  4. You can set the status of the ticket type as active or passive.

  5. After making the entries, you complete the process by clicking Add Item.

You can make changes to the ticket type for user messages from the Web Contact Us form channel by following the steps: Settings > Ticket Types > + Add Types

  1. View the standard defined web ticket types on the Ticket Types screen on the Desk360 platform.

  2. Click + Add Types to add ticket types other than existing ones.

  3. On the + Add Types screen, select which application he/she created the ticket type for.

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