WABA Prerequisites

Businesses have go through an approval procedure to access the WhatsApp Business API.

The prerequisites for access to WhatsApp Business API are as follows.

Requirements for the number you want to use in WhatsApp communications:

1. Must be a phone number that’s open to incoming calls 2. Must not have an active WhatsApp account 3. Has never utilized the WhatsApp API before

You can use your 0850 prefix number if the conditions listed above are satisfied.

If you have an active WhatsApp account, your account must be deleted from WhatsApp account settings.

Requirements for your Facebook Business Account:

1- A verified Facebook Business Account (unverified accounts can complete the verification process from Business Details) 2- Facebook Business ID 3- The number that you want to use must be saved in the Business Number field on the Business Details page

Once these steps are complete, you can contact us by filling out the form on the WhatsApp integration page on the Desk360 panel. For more details, click here.

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