WhatsApp Integration Steps

You can start the integration process by following the steps: Product and Channels > Edit Channel > WhatsApp

Integration Steps

  1. The following fields must be filled:



WhatsApp Business Business Name

The name of your business that appears on WhatsApp.

Business email ID

The email address of your business.

Country Code

The country code.

WhatsApp number to be integrated

The phone number you will use for WhatsApp integration.

Legal person and brand name

Your legal entity and brand name.


A brief description text for your customers in your WhatsApp profile.

Business Category

The industry of your business.


The address of your business.

2. Click Send to send your request to Desk360 after you have filled out all the fields. 3. Desk360 will forward the information you entered to WhatsApp, requesting confirmation for your number and business name and will initiate the technical installation process once the approval is received. 4. WhatsApp approval can take about 2-3 weeks. 5. After the WhatsApp approval is received, you will receive a verification code through your WhatsApp number while technical setups are provided. 6. This code can be received via SMS or a call. 7. When you reach this stage, you will receive an email from Desk360 about the corresponding step. 8. Skip this step by typing the verification code transmitted by WhatsApp in the corresponding field on the WhatsApp form. 9. Now you can view your WhatsApp information and upload your logo on the Desk360 platform.

Your personal data (profile name, profile photo, phone number) can be shared with WhatsApp in order to continue with the WhatsApp Business Account creation process. You can visit this link to get detailed information about how your personal data is processed and stored.

You can also limit how many customers an agent can have active conversations with at the same time through the panel. For this process, navigate to Product and Channels > Edit Channel > WhatsApp. Enter the number of active chats and click Save.

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