You can easily manage every opened ticket or every update that comes to a previously opened ticket with instant notifications you will receive via Slack.

To complete Slack and Desk360 integration, you must follow these steps: Settings > Integrations > + Add integration > Add Slack

  1. As the first step in the integration process, you need to choose which application you want to integrate with Slack.

  2. You need to give the necessary permissions from your Slack workspace and Desk360 access permission screen of your product.

3. If you want to be notified of opened or updated tickets, you should select your Slack channel within your Slack channels to receive notifications. 4. After giving the necessary permissions, you should make and save your communication channel, function and integration status selections.




If you want to receive notifications over Slack about tickets from which communication channel, you must choose that channel or channels.


You can update the ticket with the selected functions through the ticket notifications on the Slack channel.

Integration Status

You can view active and passive statuses and current status from this area where you can get information about the Slack integration process.

5. After making all the adjustments, you can complete your Slack integration by clicking Save.

Functions available through Slack:




You can directly reply to your customer by viewing the customer message on Slack.


All your users on Desk360 are listed and you can assign tickets to them directly.

Adding Notes

You can drop special notes that your users can see in the ticket from the customer.


You can mark the status of the ticket as Resolved.

Put on hold

You can change the status of the ticket to Pending.

A product can be integrated into multiple Slack channels, but the ticket channel selected for a product cannot be redefined into different Slack channels. Only one ticket channel can be created for a Slack channel.

Integrations can be edited or deleted at any time.

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