Creating Folders

When you select Create Folder after selecting the product and channel, you can link the different conditions together or add individual conditions independently of one another, resulting in requests that are prioritized according to the communication channel and collected in a specific folder.

All conditions and rules specified in the priority assignment also apply to the folder creation feature. For the folder creation, similar to the priority assignment feature, the information on which condition is contained in which channel will be identical.

You can use the folder creation feature to collect all tickets that meet the same criteria into a single folder. You donโ€™t have to specify a priority for the folder creation feature, but you can assign priorities to the rules you add if you want tickets to be prioritized and grouped under specific folders based on certain parameters.

Unlike prioritization, only users with Administrator and Supervisor privileges can assign tickets to your agents in the folders you select. To do so, simply choose the checkbox above the status button.

For example, if you add the "replied time - greater than- 48 hours - high" rule and name the folder "Missed last 48 hours," all tickets that are still unanswered 48 hours after they hit the dashboard will be classified as high priority and filed in the "Missed last 48 hours" folder. If you tick the box below for this rule, your users with Agent authorization will be able to read but not act on the tickets collected in this folder (such as replying or marking as resolved).

Tickets must be assigned to users with Agent permission by Administrators and Supervisors before they can respond to them. Users with Agent permission, on the other hand, will be allowed to perform an action as they see fit with these tickets after this process.

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