Desk360 Docs


In the Settings tab, you will be able to make changes to all the features you need for different purposes.
There are 2 types of settings:

1. General Settings

You can make general adjustments to the applications you manage on the Desk360 platform under this section. Along with tickets, you can also edit topics such as Callback and Users here. We can sort the titles you will view as follows:
  • Quick Answers
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Ticket Reasons
  • Email Notifications
  • Proxy
  • Callback
  • Auto Replies
  • Auto Assigns
  • Type-Based Assignment
  • Ticket Types
  • Priority Rules
  • Chatbot Integrations
For more information about how you can make ticket adjustments can be viewed, visit Tickets.

2. Account Settings

You can edit settings for your account, such as language selection and integration, under Account Settings. Here are the areas you can adjust:
  • Localization
  • Import Data
  • Integrations