In-App Message Box Notifications

If you do not have a notification infrastructure in your system, you can start using Desk360's notification feature by defining it separately for iOS and Android.

To adjust in-app message box notifications, follow the steps: Product and Channels > choose a product > App Message Box > Edit Notification

For iOS applications:

After activating the application notifications for iOS through the panel with the Turn Notifications On / Off button, you can upload your Production Push Certificate and enter your Certificate Password or Bundle ID information to complete the integration.

For Android applications:

After activating the notifications for Android, you must enter the Firebase Server Key and Firebase Sender ID information or the Bundle ID data. In this way, you can complete the notification integration process.

To obtain Firebase Server Key and Firebase Sender ID information:

  1. Sign in to the Firebase Console application.

  2. If you don't have a project, you need to create one first.

  3. If you have more than one project, select the relevant project on the Firebase Console Dashboard.

  4. Click project settings in the menu.

  5. On the page that opens, open the Cloud Messaging tab.

  6. In the Cloud Messaging tab, you will find the Server Key and Sender ID information of your application under Project Credentials.


In order to perform your notification integration processes properly, you can follow up your transactions from the Logs section in the upper right corner of the areas reserved for iOS and Android in the Desk360 Notifications section. In this way, you will be reviewing error conditions.

You can list all the actions you have made up to 50 notification transactions on the registration screen. You can see the following information about your transactions on the registration screen:

  • Platform

  • Request

  • Response

  • Status

  • Date

Callback Notifications

If you have a notification provider, you can use the Callback method notification feature.

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