Ticket Reasons

You can use the ticket reasons feature to categorize all the customer messages you manage on the Desk360 platform by topic.

After resolving the tickets, the reason of the ticket is marked by a user. Thus, you can see the reasons for which the tickets were created.

Ticket reasons can be filtered according to the product and its status.

You can update the status of ticket reasons that you have defined in Desk360, but only if you have switched its type to passive. Thus, users don't see the subjects that have been put into passive status in the list of ticket topics.

You can organize your ticket reasons according to contact topics. For this arrangement:

  1. Create as many ticket reasons as you want by following the steps: Settings > Ticket Reasons > + Add Reason

  2. Name the reason of the ticket and add a description on the screen that opens to add a subject.

  3. Match the reason of ticket you add for all your products or define it for a single product.

  4. If you want, you can update the status of your ticket reasons as Active or Passive.

Ticket reasons that you have switched to passive status will not be displayed in the list of topics. You must select it when resolving a ticket on the Tickets tab.

5. After completing the necessary steps, you can create the content successfully by clicking Save.

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