FAQ Settings

In the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, you can organize your question list according to its topics which you determined in the previous step and enter the question and answer texts for each category after making the category definitions.

Category Styles

Under this heading, font sizes are determined for the category title and description.



Title Text Font Size

Set the font size for the category title.

Description Text Font Size

Set the font size for the description.

Add Category

You can make the main definitions of the categories you want to show on the page in this field. You can add a category by clicking Add Category. When creating a new category, you can use ready-made texts in supported languages and specify an icon suitable for the category. When you click Save, the added category appears under the Category Styles. You can access the details of the questions to be displayed under the category by clicking on the category names. Here are subheadings of some edits that can be made after adding your category:




There are two text entry fields for the name of the category and its short description once its clicked.


The icon that will be shown specific to the category.

Add Question

Translations of the questions in the supported languages are entered here.


All questions added are displayed under this heading. Answer entries and their equivalents in supported languages are made from this field by going to the details of the question boxes.

Click Save & Next to save your changes and proceed to the next step. In the next step, we will look at what adjustments you can make to the ticket form screen that you will offer to your customers who remain unsolved in the FAQ section.

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