Chat Settings

You can choose how many conversations will be assigned to your agents who assist customers in real-time, as well as whether they can terminate conversations that have been flagged as spam.

Select the Live Support page option from the left-hand menu and choose the product you want to edit the number of assignments for at the top left corner of the page.

After selecting the product, then click on the settings icon in the lower right corner. (P.S. Only admins can see this icon.)

There are two settings on the next page.

The maximum number of conversations that can be allocated to an agent can be chosen under the Chat Count option. If you don't make any changes, all live support agents are assigned a default maximum of 20 conversations at the same time. This number can be changed to reflect the number of conversations your agents can handle.

An agent can have up to 50 chat conversations going on at once, and a minimum of 1.

For Spam Settings, users with administrator permissions can choose whether or not agents can mark spam chats as resolved. Users with agent permissions can terminate spam chats by choosing a reason when the option is checked. Users with the Admin and Supervisor permissions are the only ones who can close these chats if the box is not checked.

Resolved Information

By choosing a reason, you can access information about the agent who ended the conversation as well as the time and date it was handled. To get the resolved information of a conversation, choose a conversation from the archived messages list, and navigate to the Main Information option on the right side of the screen.

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