Product and Communication Channel Integrations

Users on the Desk360 platform can manage the products they want to provide support for, as well as the integration processes like email and WhatsApp on the Products and Communication Channels header.

The product set-up can be done with the Create Product option. Entering the name of your product is sufficient for this process. After entering the product name, you can finish defining your product with the Create button.

To manage the support requests for the products you have defined, you can view the detailed description of each sub-headers and perform channel integrations from the Edit Channel option.

All platforms that you’ll be providing support through like in-app message boxes, WhatsApp and Facebook can be defined as channels. After defining your products on the Desk360 platform, you can start integrating your channels. Once you complete the integrations for the channels you actively use, you’ll be able to manage your customer support processes on the Desk360 platform.

Every integration step for every channel is listed on the next few pages.

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