SLA Reports

SLA reports provide statistics on how well your support team is doing against the target you’ve set for them.

With these reports, you can:

  • view the targets that are hit and the missed ones by date,

  • get reports for a specific hour by choosing a date,

  • select time periods to compare them by date,

  • see the overall success rate of your entire team.

To access the reports, log into the panel and click on the SLA Reports tab on the left-hand menu.

‌‌You can select a specific day and view the hourly performance reports for that day or the daily performance by selecting a date range.

Hourly performance

‌For instance, you’ve set an SLA target and your customer representatives need to respond to all urgent emails for Orange product in 30 minutes and the success rate should be 80%. To view the hourly performance towards this target, select a date and the SLA target. The success rate represents the daily average, and the misses represent how many tickets were missed on that day.

‌The table view will display an hourly analysis towards the SLA target. The target rate is 80%, the same as the previous example and reflected on the table as 80%. The hit rate indicates what percentage of this target was achieved, and the misses denote how many tickets could not be answered within 30 minutes.

Daily performance

‌Using the same example, select a specific date range and an SLA to view the performance towards this target on a daily basis. The success rate shows you the average success rate of all the selected dates and the misses indicate how many tickets failed to hit the target within the selected date range.

The graphical view provides a daily performance analysis for the SLA target. For example, if you select a 10-day range between March 20th and March 30th, the 10-day success rate will be displayed on the same chart.

For more information about SLA targets, please visit the SLA Management page.

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