Chat Reports

To simplify the review process, Chat Reports are categorized according to specific criteria. You can analyze your data in depth using the following charts:

  • Chat Volume Trends

  • Source Reports

  • Reason Reports

  • Tag Reports

  • All Products

  • Satisfaction Rating

  • Wait Time

  • Busy Periods

The Chat Reports tab provides a comprehensive historical overview. You can use this to examine the data you choose to display based on the following date ranges:

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 30 days

  • This Month

  • Last Month

  • Custom Range

The charts on the Chat Reports page are updated based on the specified date range. You can also download these charts in SVG, PNG, and CSV formats.

This graph represents a volume-based trend analysis of chat interactions between customers and customer service representatives. You can analyze the number of resolved chats by choosing the channel or date period.

Source Reports

This chart illustrates, for a specified time period, the channel-by-channel statistics of resolved conversations. After selecting the data you wish to analyze, you can see the number of resolved chats at a glance.

Reason Reports

Upon ending live chats with your customers, agents can select a subject relating to the issue and mark these conversations as Resolved. With the Reason Reports chart, you can obtain subject-specific reports in which the specified topics are numbered by category. By applying a channel filter on reasons, you can also get a channel-by-channel report.

Tag Reports

By generating different tags for your customers chats, you can get information about their content at a glance. This chart provides statistics on the number of chats by tags.

All Products

This chart displays the overall chat volume of all your products that are integrated with the Desk360 panel. You can get a report on all your products on a channel-by-channel basis with the channel selection filter for this graph.

Satisfaction Rating

This report shows the results of the survey you present to your customers via the web live support and SDK live support channels. You can see at a glance how many users rated your support as good or bad, and how many users ended the live help without leaving feedback.

Wait Time

The Wait Time chart provides information on how long incoming customer messages wait in the queue before being assigned to a customer service agent. On the vertical axis, the waiting time is displayed in seconds, while on the horizontal axis, the days in the selected date range are displayed.

Busiest Periods

Using the chart displaying the chat volume status based on days and hours, you can view the chat volume of the hours within the set date range. The days of the week are displayed vertically, while the hours are displayed horizontally. You can see, for instance, how many chats were received at 5 PM on Thursday or 11 AM on Monday. For specified date ranges of more than one week, it is possible to get the total number of days corresponding to that date. For instance, if the date range is set to the last month and there are four Mondays in that month, the total number of conversations for those four Mondays will appear in the Monday box.

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