WhatsApp Channel

WhatsApp integration allows you to provide live support to your customers who reach you through the WhatsApp channel.

Once WhatsApp integration is completed successfully, all WhatsApp messages from customers can be managed from Desk360's Live Support page. Problems can be solved instantly or WhatsApp conversations can be turned into tickets and you can reply to customers later.

Thanks to Desk360 WhatsApp integration, all the messages customers send through WhatsApp can be managed without being connected to a tablet or phone.

What does WhatsApp integration do?

  • You can manage all incoming customer messages via WhatsApp within the Live Support page, thus offering your users a direct communication and support channel.

  • You can access the information of your customers who contact you via WhatsApp from the Main Information section on the Live Support page.

  • With predefined answers, you can automate customer communication and increase the efficiency of your agents.

You can be with your customers at every moment by effectively managing the WhatsApp channel, which is actively used by more than 2 billion people around the world.

How does WhatsApp integration work?

  • WhatsApp integration can be done by accounts with Desk360's Business package.

  • WhatsApp Business API access is required for integration.

  • You can start the integration process by following the steps: Product and Channels > Edit Channel > WhatsApp

▪️You can view the page below for more detailed information about WhatsApp integration.

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