E-mail features

All emails sent to your company's email address will be converted into tickets on the dashboard once you've integrated it with Desk360. On this page, you can find comprehensive instructions on how to manage these tickets in conjunction with the email channel's features.

Ticket Management for Emails

View and reply to emails that customers have sent to your company by selecting the Tickets page from the left-hand menu. If you've added multiple brands/products to the platform, you can select which one you wish to manage emails for by clicking on its name in the top left corner. The listing screen will only show email tickets by selecting the Mail option from the channel filter. You can examine the message's content by selecting the email from the list that you want to respond to.

You can view the actions for the ticket you selected on the main content screen. You can access information like the ticket status, the assignment information, and the ticket reason at the top. For all channel-independent support tickets, this field is displayed in the same way. You can specify channel-specific email features like To, CC, and forwarding.

Recipient Information

Your reply will be sent to the recipient listed in the "To" field, which also identifies the sender of the email. The "To" field automatically displays the email address of the person who opened the ticket, i.e., the person who sent the email. It is not possible to change the primary recipient. While responding to this email, you can add additional recipients to this field. You need to enter the recipient's email address and separate them with a comma in between or hit the enter button when adding new recipients. If you don't, the newly added recipients won't receive your response. Once you send the email, the new recipient information you added is deleted from this screen. You can see who is listed as a receiver of the email with the Smart Plugs option on the right side of the screen.

CC Information

It can occasionally be important to include members of various teams in your email communications with customers, or you might want your response to be sent to other people for informational purposes. The CC field can be used in these circumstances. Once you send the email, the contact information you included to the CC gets deleted from this page. On the right side of the page, under the Smart Plugs option, you can see who is listed in the CC field of the email.

Email forwarding

Use the Email Forwarding tool to forward emails sent to the dashboard to different recipients. Simply select the Forward button next to the CC field to do this. A popup will appear on the screen when you select the forward button. Your email will be sent to one or more of the recipients you specify when you complete this form and select the Send button.

Enter the email addresses of the recipients you wish to forward the message to in the address field. This field allows you to input multiple recipient addresses. In order for the system to recognize these receivers as addresses and for forwarding to succeed, you must remember to press enter or include a comma after each email address you type. This field is required.

You can specify the subject of the email you want to forward in the subject field. Your email will be sent to the other recipients with the subject of the first email if you don't enter a subject.

The description field serves as the body of the email's primary content area. For instance, you can explain why you are forwarding the email, provide email history information, and define the action you want the receiver to take in this field.

You can add a file you wish recipients to see in the following field. The supported file formats are listed on this page. You can attach up to five files, each no larger than 20 MB.

Finally, if you check the box at the bottom, all of the files you've sent or received in your email history will be included in this forwarded message. Note that you shouldn't check this box if you don't want the recipient of the email to have access to the previously sent files.

Editor Support

With the editor support available exclusively for the email channel in the message editing area, you can align, number, bold, or italicize your messages. In addition, you can attach files to your message by selecting the paper clip icon in the lower right corner of the text input area. You can add up to five files, each no larger than 20 MB.

To determine the language in which your email template will be sent, use the flag icons. For instance, if a customer wrote you an email in English, you can send subsequent emails to this customer using an English email template by selecting the English flag symbol.

Customer Information

You can find the detailed information about your customers who have sent emails to your company under the Main Information section. At the top of this area, you will see the names and email addresses of your customers. These information belong to the customers who have opened a ticket by sending an email to your company. And your reply will be sent to this customer. At the bottom of this area, under the Smart Plugs option, you can see who is listed in the CC field or as a receiver of the email.

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