Prioritization Rules

You can create priority rules for your tickets on the Desk360 platform.

Tickets can be divided into four different priority categories as:

  • Urgent

  • High

  • Normal

  • Low

All tickets fall on the platform as a low priority unless a special rule is defined. You can also define channel-based specific prioritization conditions for tickets.

After logging into the Desk360 panel, you can access the relevant page by following: Settings > Priority Rules > + Set Priority

You can take a look at the following flow to set the priority rule:

  • Select your product for which you want to set a priority rule and a communication channel accordingly and click Continue.

  • Fill in the data entry fields opened below according to the rule you want to define. You can activate the fields you have filled by clicking Save.

  • Use the AND operator to define rules that run concurrently on a channel. You can add the rules that you want to work independently from each other with the OR action.

  • To define a condition, choose one of six different options. You should assign values ​​to the priorities you set, depending on the condition you choose.

Let's create an example priority rule:

Select the product to assign the rule to and the email channel. Then, click Continue. As a condition, let's click on the subject and action options. Let's type "subscriptions" in the value section and set priority as high and save. According to this rule, all tickets coming from the email channel to the selected product and containing the word subscription in the subject will have High priority.

Let's add another example rule using the priority rule given above by using the AND action. After choosing the AND action, let's fill in the data entry that will open below:

  • This time, let's click on Customer Name as a condition and not as an action.

  • Let's write John Doe in the Value section and leave the priority unchanged as High.

  • The two rules we linked together with the AND action will work together. According to this rule, all tickets for the selected product from the email channel, with the word subscriptions in the subject and whose name is not John Doe, will have high priority.