Prioritization Rules

On the Desk360 platform, you can define priority or categorization rules for your tickets.

There are four different priority levels for support requests: Urgent, High, Normal, and Low. The support requests that need to be sorted can be aggregated in one location and organized into folders.

All support requests are sent to the platform with a low priority unless a custom rule is set. You can set custom prioritization conditions for the communication channels where support requests are received. In addition to this, you can create as many folders as you want to aggregate incoming requests that are fit for the conditions you'll create on a channel basis, all in one place.

Log into your Desk360 dashboard and navigate to Settings > Priority Rules > Set Priority. To set a priority or folder rule, follow these steps:

  • Select your product and a communication channel for which you wish to define a priority rule. Then, select one of the Set Priority or Create Folder options and select Continue.

  • If you continue with the Set Priority option, fill in the data fields below according to the rule you want to set. If you choose to continue with the Create Folder option, give the folder a name and fill in the data fields based on the rule you wish to create. These fields will become active once you select the Save button.

  • Use the AND operator to define conditions that will be active concurrently with a rule. Use the OR operator to link the conditions you want to work independently of one another.

  • You have six options to pick from when defining a condition. You need to assign contingent values to the priorities you set.

Let's continue with an example of a priority rule: Select the product and e-mail channel to which the rule will be applied, then select Continue. Select subject and action as condition options. In the Value field, type Subscriptions and set the priority to High before saving. With this rule, all support queries coming through email to the specified product with the word “subscriptions” in the subject line will be given high priority.

Let's add another example rule to the above priority rule with the AND operator. Fill in the data field after selecting the AND operator:

  • This time, let's select the Customer Name as a condition and “not” as an action option.

  • Type John Smith in the Value field and leave the priority unchanged as High.

  • The two rules that we linked using the AND operator will work in unison. All support requests addressed to the selected product via the e-mail channel with the word subscriptions in the subject line and whose sender is not named John Smith will be given High priority.

When using the Create Folder action, you don't need to define any priority rules.

You can get more detailed information about rules and conditions.

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