Ticket Analysis Reports

This chart shows the volume-based trend table of ticket from customers. You can view the distribution of the number of demands waiting to be resolved, resolved and received by specifying the date range whose data you want to examine.

Source Reports

You can examine the distribution of your tickets based on the channels you have integrated on this graph. You can view the data of all the channels you support or a specific channel of your choice by selecting the All Channels option from the filter at the top of the graph.

Reason Reports

When finalizing tickets from your customers, you can switch these tickets' statuses to Resolved by selecting a topic about what the ticket is about. You can get specific reports with the Reason Reports graph, where the selected ticket topics are categorically listed. You can also get a channel-based output by applying a channel filter to ticket topics.

All Products

You can view the total ticket volume of all your products integrated into the Desk360 panel in this pie chart.


You can access data about the countries where customers sent tickets from with this graph.

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