Tag Management

You can leverage Desk360's tag tool to determine what support requests fall under what topics and which team is best suited for them.

Tags are simply words or phrases that allow you to give your tickets context. For instance, all requests relating to technical issues could be labeled "technical_issue". You may then filter, respond in bulk, and resolve all requests for that tag with a single click.

You can customize and manage your entire customer support flow with tags. Agents, Supervisors, and Administrators can add or remove any tag they wish from a ticket by going to the Tickets page. Only administrators and supervisors, however, have access to the Tag Management section of the Settings page, which allows for more comprehensive tag management.

How to manage tags

  • On the Tickets page, select the Add Tags option on the right-hand side of the page after selecting the ticket you wish to perform an action on from the listing screen.

  • In the search box, type the tag you wish to add and select it. All users can add and remove tags for the support tickets they are authorized with. If the tag you wish to add isn't in the drop-down list, type in the tag and press enter, and the tag will be added to the selected request automatically.

  • Tags can have a maximum length of 25 characters. Only English characters are supported in tags, as well as the special characters "-" and "_".

  • A ticket can have multiple tags.

  • You can search for a tag in the search or filter section to see which tags have been added to which tickets.

  • Supervisors and administrators can manage tags more comprehensively in the Settings > Tag Management section. They can create new tags, change existing tags, or delete them.

  • For each product, you can create just one tag with the same name, but if you manage multiple products with Desk360, you can define the same tag for each product.

  • If you go to Settings > Tag Management and delete a tag, it will not be removed from the tickets it was applied to.

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