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Twitter Channel

Twitter integration allows you to manage customer messages and comments, in short, all interactions coming to your product through this channel.
With Twitter integration, you can meet all the needs of your customers who contact you on your product's Twitter page with a single click.

What can I do with Desk360 Twitter integration?

  • You can turn every interaction or message sent to your brand's Twitter account into a ticket with Desk360, and respond quickly through the panel.
  • If you have a team that only replies to Twitter messages, you can have those tickets automatically assigned to them.
  • You can instantly access all the information about your customers who reach you from the Twitter platform, monitor their queries and follow the processes.
  • You can improve your response times and customer loyalty score for tweets that mention you and direct messages (DMs) to your product.
  • By allowing your customers to report their problems or feedback via a tweet, you can address customer needs through collaboration with your team.
  • You can start the integration process with a single click by following the steps: Product and Channels > Edit channels > Twitter