Instagram Channel

Instagram integration allows you to manage all post comments coming to your product through this channel.

With Instagram integration, you can easily respond to user comments from your Instagram account by converting them into tickets.

What can I do with Desk360 Instagram integration?

  • You can view the comments coming to your Instagram account as a ticket on the Desk360 platform.

  • You can easily respond to the interactions coming to your Instagram account from the Tickets tab, where you can view all customer interactions and messages collectively.

  • You can choose the Instagram option from the channel filter section to view tickets only from Instagram.

  • You can reply to your customers' tickets with automatic and predefined answers. This way, you will save time by responding quickly to all your customers.

  • To manage Instagram comments without getting lost in notifications, you can start the integration process by following the steps: Products and Channels > Edit channels > Instagram

Instagram messages are not included in this integration. With Desk360, you can manage user comments that only come to your own posts.