Automatic Replies During Working Hours

You can use this feature to establish multiple automated response paths. This allows you to send different responses to your customers both during and outside business hours.

For the time being, this feature is only available for e-mail tickets. This feature will be enabled for other channels in the near future.

How to use Auto-Replies

1- On the Auto Replies page, select the Create Auto Reply button.

2- Select the product for which you want to enable the auto-reply feature and choose Mail as your channel.

3- Select a language as your default. Regardless of the language of the ticket, you can use this option to send auto-replies to your incoming emails in the default language.

4- If you want to send auto-replies in more than one language, select the Add Language button to add additional languages to the platform. If you enable language matching in the next step, you'll have selected the language in which you'll send an auto-reply to the request.

Let's say you want to use English as your primary language and Turkish as a secondary language. In this instance, you can add the Turkish option to the detected language field as well as the Turkish option to the template language field, ensuring that any e-mails received in Turkish will receive an auto-reply in Turkish. If you set the template language to English, however, all automatic replies to emails in Turkish will still be in English. Your auto-replies to all emails that are received in a language you haven't selected will be sent in English, as selected by default.

5- If you toggle the Working Hours option, you'll make sure that this auto-reply is sent during the working hours you specified on the Working Hours page. You cannot toggle this option on here if you have not yet set a working hours rule or if you have already deactivated a working hours rule that you have created beforehand. You'll need an active working hours rule for this to run.

If you have an active working hours rule and toggle this option off, auto-replies will only be sent to emails received after business hours. If you want to send different auto-replies to customer e-mails that arrive inside and outside of working hours, you'll need to build two separate auto-reply paths, one with the working hours on active and the other off.

If you don't have an active working hours policy or if you provide 24/7 support to your customers, you can toggle the button off and have the identical response sent to all e-mails you receive, regardless of the day or time.

6- You can determine the e-mail subject the auto-reply by typing the text in the subject field. When you enter "About Your Support Request" as the subject, the subject of the auto-reply will be About Your Support Request - [Request #]. You can change the e-mail subject in all languages you've added by selecting the translate button.

If you don't enter any content for the subject field, your auto-reply e-mail subject will be [Automatic Reply: Subject – (Request #.)]. The Subject will be what your customers typed in the subject area when they first emailed you.

7- In the β€˜From’ field, you'll see a list of all the e-mail addresses you've added to your Desk360 account. You can select the e-mail address that your e-mail will be sent from by selecting one of them.

8- In the e-mail text field, enter the content of your auto-reply. You can update your content in all the languages you've added by selecting the Translate button.

9- The Request Status field lets you choose how the auto-replies to your email tickets sent to Desk360 will change the ticket status. There are three statuses: Resolved, Unresolved, and Waiting. The β€˜Auto-reply’ status will be added to the reason of tickets that have been resolved and subsequently moved to the "Waiting" status. When the status is set to "Unresolved," the β€˜Auto-reply’ status will also be added as the ticket reason, but agents can always change the ticket reasons manually when they resolve the tickets.

10- The rule you created above can now be used when the Auto-Reply Status is turned on. Auto-reply rules that have been turned off won't run again until they are turned back on.

If you turn off or delete a working hours rule that is in use, the auto-replies you set up based on it will also stop running. Even if you turn on the inactive working hours rule again, you'll have to update the auto-replies you created based on this rule manually.

You can only define one auto-reply rule that is specific to working hours for any product, regardless of whether it is active or not.

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