Professional Support In 40 Languages

Desk360 offers text support for your product prepared by professional translators in 40 languages. You can add alternative Desk360 texts to your pages that you can use for customizations that you will make during integration, and if you want to use your own texts, you can enter the equivalent of the texts that you will add in 40 languages yourself. The languages supported by the Desk360 platform are:

✔️Arabic ✔️Armenian ✔️Azerbaijani ✔️Chinese ✔️Chinese (Taiwan) ✔️Czech ✔️Danish ✔️Dutch ✔️English ✔️Filipino ✔️French ✔️Georgian ✔️German ✔️Hebrew ✔️Hindi ✔️Hungarian ✔️Indonesian ✔️Italian ✔️Japanese ✔️Kazakh ✔️Korean ✔️Kyrgyz ✔️Malay ✔️Mongolian ✔️Nepali ✔️Norwegian ✔️Polish ✔️Portuguese (Brazil) ✔️Portuguese (Portugal) ✔️Romanian ✔️Russian ✔️Spanish ✔️Swedish ✔️Tajik ✔️Thai ✔️Turkish ✔️Ukrainian ✔️Urdu ✔️Uzbek ✔️Vietnamese

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