Facebook Channel

Facebook integration allows you to manage all customer messages, comments and wall posts, in short, all interactions that come to your product through this channel.

With Facebook integration, you can meet all the needs your customers from the Facebook page of your product with a single click.

What can I do with Desk360 Facebook integration?

  • You can convert all customer messages and wall posts belonging to the Facebook account you have connected to the Desk360 platform into a ticket on Desk360.

  • You can manage these interactions, which turn into a ticket on the platform, with the Desk360 inbox. Your customers will view all responses via Facebook you send them via Desk360.

All messages received via Facebook Messenger are answered on the Desk360 Live Support tab. Agents provide live support to all customers contacting the Facebook Messenger channel. As per Facebook policy, these messages must be answered within 24 hours, otherwise the requests cannot be resolved.

  • You can integrate your Facebook account with Desk360 in order not to miss the Facebook posts mentioning your product, to give quick responses to your customers and to facilitate your work without switching between platforms.

  • With Facebook integration, you can increase your social media interactions and also eliminate post tracking and tracking problems.

  • You can start the integration process with a single click by the following steps: Product and Channels > Edit channels > Facebook

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