Business Hours

You can specify your support business hours by adding the days and times you provide support to your customers and measure your SLA reports excluding holidays.

If you don't offer your customers 24/7 support, you can set your availability and let them know which days and hours they can expect a quicker response from you. You can create automatic responses pertaining to the working hours you add to your support timetable, and you can get complete SLA results on a product and user basis, even if you provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working hours can be added to channels that can be managed on both Tickets and Chat pages.

How do I define my business hours?

To define your working hours, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Business Hours after logging into the Desk360 panel. 2. You may view, delete, or edit the rules you've previously added on the Business Hours page. 3. Select the Add Business Hour option in the top right corner to create a new rule. 4. Select the product you wish to add business hours for. Note that each product can only have one business hour rule. 5. After you've selected the working days from the boxes, give each one a specific timeframe. If your working hours do not change on a daily basis, you can select the Apply to All button to apply the hours you've set to all of the selected days. 6. Make the status active. 7. Select Save.

SLA report measurement with business hours

You can have more accurate reporting by excluding the non-working days and hours from your SLA metrics. After logging into the Desk360 panel, go to Settings > SLA > Create/edit SLA. Then, select the checkbox at the bottom of the page, and select the Submit button to exclude the non-working hours of your client representatives from your SLA measurements.

If you don't specify any working hours for the product for which you've defined an SLA rule, the report will include customer messages received outside of business hours. To add business hours, follow the steps outlined in the first section or click the link in the checkbox text on the SLA creation/editing page.

WhatsApp auto-reply feature with business hours

You have 24 hours to communicate with a customer who sends you a message, as per WhatsApp rules and guidelines. Active messages are automatically archived after 24 hours since they were sent, and after this point, you cannot contact the customer until the customer sends another message to you. If your support team isn't available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can use our auto-reply feature to take advantage of WhatsApp's 24-hour rule on weekends and holidays. You can also utilize this feature to send customers an automated response during business hours.

To set up automated responses to WhatsApp messages, log into your Desk360 account, go to Product and Channels > Select Product > WhatsApp > Auto-Reply Function, add the messages you’d like to send to your users, and select the days and hours that automatic responses will be active. The panel allows you to set up to five auto-reply messages. For more information on how to use the WhatsApp auto-reply feature, click here.

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