In-App Message Box Channel

In-App Message Box integration allows you to support your customers who want to communicate with you via your mobile application.

By creating a powerful support desk for your mobile application users, you can take customer support to a more professional level.

What does In-App Message Box integration do?

  • You can easily manage the Contact Us pages placed in your mobile application and communicate with your customers one-to-one.

  • You can design these contact pages with a single click without the need for any code writing, and you can bring the professional look of your brand to your support pages.

  • With the SDK integration, you can ensure that all questions and suggestions you receive directly from your mobile application turn into support requests on the Desk360 platform.

  • With the Chat SDK integration, all chat messages coming from your mobile app turn into active chat messages that can be managed on Desk360's Live Support page. That way, you can provide instant customer support to your mobile app users.

  • You can solve customer problems through the Desk360 panel, and you can reach your customers directly through the application without redirecting them to a different platform.

You can find everything you need to do to customize the support desk designs that you will position in your mobile application at Customizable In-App Message Box.

Additional Features

  • In-App Message Box integration is included in all Desk360 plans.

  • Desk360 offers professional translation support in 40 different languages for contact pages texts that you will create in your mobile application. Learn more about supported languages by visiting:

pageProfessional Support In 40 Languages
  • A customizable contact form is shown to customers who want to send messages via the mobile application. Any number of fields can be added to this form, and desired customer information can be obtained.

  • The Desk360 notification feature allows your customers to be notified by notification alerts of every new message they receive from your support team.

  • Desk360 also offers brands who want to use their own notification systems the ability to manage the notifications from their own backend systems through the notification feature with Callback Notification.

Learn more about In-App Message Box by visiting:

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