WhatsApp Web Widget

With Desk360's WhatsApp Web Widget, you can place a WhatsApp icon on your website to allow your customers to reach you via WhatsApp. You can enable your customers to contact you via the WhatsApp interface by using the widget function.

To add a WhatsApp widget to your website, navigate to the left-hand menu and select Product and Channels > Product Selection > WhatsApp > WhatsApp Web Widget. You can see all of the changes you make instantly on the preview screen.

Default Language

You can customize the appearance of your icon in languages that you do not support by selecting your default language. Let’s say your website is only available in Turkish and English. Setting the default language to English ensures that users visiting your website from France will see your WhatsApp icon in English.

Other Languages

If your website is in more than one language, you can choose to add these languages from the "Other Languages" option to display the WhatsApp icon with different content, matching the language of your website. Desk360 provides content in 40 languages, but you can define your own content by selecting the world icon.

Brand Name

The brand name that you enter in this field will appear at the top of the WhatsApp widget. Customers will see your brand name and know for sure that they are contacting your company and not anyone else.


The subtitle is the text that appears under the brand name and usually indicates the current status or a basic info.

Button Name

You can allow your consumers to take action by customizing the button name.

Welcome Message

Depending on how you choose to address your customers, the welcome message can be customized to the desired tone. You can greet them with a warm welcome message if you wish, or you can have your customers initiate a WhatsApp discussion with you to offer them deals such as discount codes or gift vouchers.

Customer Message

When your customers click on the send message button, the customer message is the sentence that will be the beginning of the conversation. When your customers select the button and are sent to the WhatsApp interface, they are not required to begin the chat with this message. They can delete this from the typing field before sending the message and begin a chat by typing the message they want to send.


Alignment options allow you to choose where to place your WhatsApp icon on your website. If you choose to align the icon to the left, it will appear in the bottom left corner of your website. If you choose to align it to the right, it will appear in the lower right corner.


Depending on the colors used on your website, you can use the WhatsApp widget in a light or dark mode.

After you've finished customizing everything to your liking, don't forget to save them. Then, using the copy code button, you can begin using the icon by placing it on the frontend of your website.

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