Ready Answers

The Ready Answers feature allows you to save your answers to frequent questions from your customers to the platform as a template. In this way, by selecting the answer that best suits the demand from these templates, users don't have to write the answer text every time.

You can create ready-made answers in 40 languages supported by the Desk360 platform. You can find out which languages are supported by visiting Professional Support in 40 Languages.

From the Desk360 platform, you can add new templates or access your saved templates by following the steps: Settings > Auto Replies > + Auto Reply

To create your ready answers:

  • You must choose a generic or specific product.

  • You must enter a title and description for the ready answer that you will create.

  • If you want, you can add answers in 40 languages. In this way, users can answer tickets from different countries according to the language of that country.

  • You must update ready-made answers that you want to actively use by switching their statuses to active and ready-made answers that you do not want to use to passive status.

Ready-made answers that are switched to passive status cannot be displayed on the Tickets tab.

  • After all the steps, click Save.

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