Manual Assignments

On the Desk360 platform, unlike support requests, there isnโ€™t a common pool system where live support messages are selected and answered by customer representatives according to the contents of the message. All communications made through the Live Support channels are automatically assigned to customer service agents. You can, however, enable your customer service agents to manually assign the live support conversations that are automatically assigned to them to another customer service representative using the manual assignment tool.

You can assign a chat to another agent on the Live Support page by clicking the forwarding button located at the top of the chat windows and then selecting the user you wish to assign the chat to.

Conversations that are assigned to other users retain their chat history in their entirety. A conversation can be manually assigned to an unlimited number of users. The chat history contains assignment information, e.g. which user assigned the chat to which user.

Only users who are online and authorized for the product and channel can use the manual assignment option. Users who do not have product and channel authorization are not included in the list of users available for reassignment.

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