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Email Channel

Email integration allows you to support your customers who send messages to your product's email address to contact you.

What does Email integration do?

  • With the Desk360 Email integration, you can get rid of an overflowing email box that will cause important emails to be missed.
  • For each product you add to the Desk360 platform, an email address in the form of [email protected] is created automatically. If you wish, you can use this address as your default email address.
  • If you want to use more than one email address to manage your support requests, you can forward these addresses to [email protected] so that you can manage all your emails through a single account.
  • Thanks to another feature of email integration, you can personalize the email templates that you will automatically send to your customers. By creating an email template specific to each product, you can personalize the content as you wish.

How does Email integration work?

  • Email integration is included in all Desk360 plans.
  • You can start the integration process by following the steps: Product and Channels > Edit channels > Email Address. You can use your own email address or the address Desk360 created specifically for your product.
  • You can prepare template emails that you can personalize for your product by following the same steps.
For more detailed information about Email integration and custom template creation, please visit: